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QPQ gives you a small, aggressive team of systems developers, analysts, and researchers who can work across the disciplines of information systems and science.

We've designed everything from information infrastructures supporting global bond, energy, and derivatives trading to inter-bank transfer frameworks to publishing and warehousing systems. We apply this experience to systematic analysis of your IT systems, finding elusive solutions when the overall system may involve a complex interaction of network, storage, database, communications, and core algorithm issues.

We apply IT solutions to scientific research and development, and we apply our scientific backgrounds to a more rigorous analysis of your IT infrastructure.

Examples of our work:

  • Aside from pure systems analysis (thorough reviews and risk analysis of your current systems; plans of attack for scaling; efficiency reviews) and software development (supplementing your existing team to add breadth of experience), we frequently serve as objective, outside technical advisors providing another view for critical decisions: Platform-, application-, and vendor-neutral advice with experience in all major operating systems and development environments
  • Rapid due diligence for potential investors on cutting-edge technology: stability, viability, risks
  • Independent assessment of internal project plans or vendor system proposals: what are the hidden risks and possible alternatives?
  • Technical expertise for legal research and case development: the ability to serve as experts to translate complex technical problems into simple English descriptions

What we provide:

Above all, we provide simplicity: we work across technical and scientific specialties to make the difficult details of a project accessible, in clear, common English, to managers, legal counsel, investors, and strategists.


Client Quotes:

“QPQ nimbly takes into consideration technology’s implications on a business’ brand identity, possesses a thorough understanding of technology’s potential to help build and even re-form a growing business quickly, and can communicate all of this to your people, technically inclined or otherwise. A small business’ dream team: responsive, quick implementation of ideas to working software. They also happen to be a lot of fun to work with.”

Greta Hotopp
Valuation Team, Compensation Valuation, Inc.


“QPQ Technologies demonstrated the ability to understand complex systems and their relationships to our business. They quickly provided analyses and recommended practical short-term and long-term technical solutions to meet our business needs. We would recommend QPQ Technologies to any company looking for expert information systems analysis and implementation.”

Clifton C. Dutton
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Ibis Consulting
(Ibis was since acquired by Pitney-Bowes)

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