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QPQ synthesizes experience in the lab, the trading floor, and the server room to bring you a cross-disciplinary approach to product development. We help you commercialize your technology or develop lab tools with an approach informed by every stage of the process from idea to product: invention, prototyping, patenting, describing to investors, and scaling for commercial sale.

QPQ's technical and scientific services extend to any area requiring an understanding of scientific, technical, and real-world aspects of a problem.

Scientific: Think "Math". If it involves numbers, it's QPQ's specialty: intensive data and statistical analysis, pattern recognition, computer vision, simulation. We can help your lab get more information from your current setup or help your business quickly make sense of a jumble of data on multiple systems.

Technical: With experience across virtually every platform you might need to access, going back to VAX/PDP-11/IBM Mainframe, and going forward to modern multiprocessor parallelized systems, we have the flexibility to use the system that works perfectly for your product, and to develop using languages that will scale with your business and be useable after we're all dead and gone.

Real-World: Most importantly of all, we've worked with investors, end-users, managers, and sales departments: actual human beings who need to understand the link between the business AND the technology without having to spend days learning yet another discipline. Any developer can draft a technical specification; we explain it all in English.


Client Quotes:

“QPQ works with the scientists to understand the math and scientific basis behind the computational models. QPQ has built a user-friendly and easily understood interface, making the science and technology more accessible to the general public. QPQ was reliable, easy to work with, and went the extra step in developing an intuitive user interface for a complex predictive model.”

Dr. Joanne Yeh
Department of Structural Biology
University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology Program


“QPQ Technologies has been a pleasure to work with. In one case, we provided them with a complex data-base and they quickly ran a large number of tests to validate an algorithm we were developing. They also built a user-friendly web-based interface for querying the database. I look forward to working with them again and recommend them highly.”

Dr. David Kiszkiss
Director of Commercial Development, Brown Technology Partnerships
Brown University

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