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Our strength is in scientific programming and systems development: anything involving practical, real-world systems modelling or simulation, pattern recognition, etc. In short, math.

We diversify your more focused technical team - developing lab research into proofs-of-principal. We help you translate core science into something investors, clients, and users can easily understand, bridging the gap between core science and practical applications.


From technical due diligence for investors, to independent systems consulting and optimization for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium companies, to expert technical advice for legal counsel: we perform systems analysis, design, and implementation for production applications and IT systems.

[scatter plot in 3d] About QPQ Technologies

We've moved between the worlds of Fortune 500 technical infrastructure development, financial valuation and forecasting, and scientific research -- we use this unusual combination of experience to help you translate research into results and to improve existing systems, especially where a more rigorous, scientific approach is needed.

This experience becomes even more important when predicting time series, detecting patterns, segmenting data, or verifying data stores. Because far more important than the ability to design a model is the ability to apply it to an imperfect, real-world data set.

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QPQ News
2009-10-20 QPQ Technologies in now QPQ Analytics. The new name reflects our increasing focus on data analysis.
2009-04-01 QPQ deploys consciously low-tech PawPawMail: Email for Elderly, Seniors
2009-01-20 QPQ launches first product, Natural Log™ Lab Notebook! (E-mail us if you want to be a Beta Tester)
2008-09-06 QPQ delivers Beta application, Analytical Edge, Inc.
2008-09-02 QPQ launches new, slightly trendier-looking website
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